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University-based Community Action Research for increasing viability of cereal-legume value chains towards improved nutrition and livelihoods in sub-Sahara Africa (UnicARSSA)

UnicARSSA contributes to sustainable food security through the aspects of crop diversification and the inclusion of resilient crops such as sorghum, millet and grain legumes in to the farming systems. Such crops can cushion farmers against adverse effects of climate change while providing their daily food and income needs. UniCARSSA covers the whole value chain from production where high quality manures and micronutrients are applied to degraded soils for their rehabilitation to a good mix of both high value cereals and grain legumes for family and community nutrition. For those crops, their nutritional value is later improved through the development of the RUSFs. We tackle the geographic area of food systems governance and farmer organisations by including the CARPs which are umbrella organisations of various farmer groups and hence greater impact.

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